What is the eHealth record system?

The eHealth record system is an integrated approach to healthcare. It will enhance both quality and efficiency in the delivery of patient healthcare and will lead to better communication between healthcare providers.

The Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) is one component of the eHealth Record System. This is a national initiative that will provide infrastructure, standards and specifications to support secure access to an individual’s health information. The PCEHR is a secure, electronic record of a patients’ single medical history which can be accessed and contributed to by authorised healthcare organisations and healthcare professionals. An overview of the PCEHR for Healthcare Professionals can be viewed eHealth - The future is Now.

Why do we need an eHealth record system?

Patient information is often fragmented with medical records either paper-based or stored in different locations with little connection to each other or between healthcare professions or hospitals. The eHealth record system will provide healthcare professionals with access to an integrated, secure and efficient way to contribute and share patient information.

You can find more details about the eHealth record system at the Department of Health Website.

What will it contain?

Using a secure messaging network system, the eHealth record will contain:

  • Health summaries
  • Discharge summaries
  • Specialist letters and eReferrals
  • Pathology and radiology results
  • Medications information – prescribed and dispensed.
  • Allergies and immunisations
  • Advance Care Plans – Directives on end-of-life plans
  • Organ donor registration Who controls it?

An eHealth record is ‘controlled’ by the patient and as such they have the right to decide what information is included or excluded. Authorised access is set by the patient using access controls.

What the eHealth record system is not

The eHealth record system does not replace a healthcare providers existing clinical files or medical record system. It is a summary only and will not hold all of the information held in a patient’s record.

How can I participate?

Consumers have been able to register and engage with their eHealth record since 2012. For Healthcare Providers there are specific guidelines, resources and tools have been developed for each discipline.

Get involved! - Secure Messaging Expression of Interest (EOI)

Are you a healthcare provider looking to establish secure messaging? Do you want to share information securely, on time and ensure it gets to your intended recipient? Join the eHealth Journey with the INWMML Secure Messaging Project. Open to all health providers. You don’t need clinical software to participate.

Participants will receive a free Argus secure messaging software licence and subscription for 12 months including training and support. This project aims to support and encourage healthcare providers to join our eHealth community.
More Info: View the Secure Messaging EOI Flyer
: To express your interest in this study please complete the form at by Friday, 13th February, 2015

Contact your eHealth Program Officer

Dedicated eHealth program officers are available to assist you further about the eHealth record system. Please contact us on 9347 1188 or email us at

For more information please go to the Australian Government, Department of Health.